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At Dominio Estudio, we love educating people. We believe that education transforms lives. We are convinced that people learn at their own pace, through different styles and modes. 

Our methodology is based on qualitative and quantitative social research methods and techniques, which allow us to accurately determine the skills that need to be developed in our clients' stakeholders. It also enables us to identify the most appropriate learning styles and modes; evaluate the participant's progress through the educational process, the effectiveness of the pedagogical strategies used, and the impact obtained. 

From the content point of view, our methodology is grounded on the constructivist approach in which some principles of social constructionism are incorporated. Firstly, from the constructivist approach, the contents are pedagogically adapted so that the participants relate the new information with the previous knowledge they have about a specific concept, object, process, or situation (meaningful learning). A particular aspect of our methodology is the design and development of gamified pedagogical activities, which allow participants to immerse themselves in learning scenarios to evaluate their knowledge about the topic of study. 

Secondly, from the point of view of social constructionism, our methodology promotes knowledge creation, participation, and collaboration among participants through various didactic activities.  

For this reason, we offer a comprehensive service model to attend all stages of the educational process, which guarantees the success of your project. 

Our services Elearning

Icono Servicio Análisis de necesidades de formación Dominio Estudio

Training needs analysis

Nowadays, one of the growth factors of organizations is the actions that directly impact human resource development, for this reason, the expertise of technologies and equipment, the strengthening

Icono servicio Plan de entrenamiento Dominio Estudio

Training plan

We design educational and training plans according to the participants' needs. When identifying training needs, we identify the different ways in which people learn.
Icono servicio Diseño y desarrollo de contenidos educativos Dominio Estudio

Design and development of educational content

According to our experience as an expert company in elearning content design and development, we guarantee the design and development of learning environments both virtual and on presence; as well

Icono servicio Mobile learning Dominio Estudio

Mobile learning

Thanks to the digital transformation of products, services and process, has emerged the urgent need to offer multichannel user experiences, these means that the elearning contents should be usable,

Icono servicio Microlearning Dominio Estudio


Nowadays, one of the elearning trends is the microelearning, which allows the delivery of nuggets of learning content (between 3 and 5 minutes), mainly through the social networks; these contents a

Icono servicio Juegos serios Dominio Estudio

Serious games

Video games are the ideal learning environment, wherein in an inverse and entertaining environment you can make mistakes, think outside the box and lose your sense of control, the goal is to create meaningful learning experiences. 
Icono servicio Realidad virtual Dominio Estudio

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual Reality is the use of computer technology for creating a simulated learning environment. This technology allows participants to be immersed and interact with a 3D experience, which activates as many senses as possible (vision, hearing, touch, and even smell). 
Icono servicio Plataformas de elearning Dominio Estudio

Elearning platforms

We manage learning environments and resources with social and mobile features. We have extensive experience with different LMS such as Moodle, Totara, Canvas, Studion, Success Factors, etc.  

Icono servicio Tutoría y soporte técnico Dominio Estudio

Tutoring and technical support

Tutoring is an element of the educational process that consists of the guidance provided to participants to orient, strengthen, and stimulate their learning.

Icono servicio Acompañamiento en el proceso logístico Dominio Estudio

Accompaniment in the logistical process

We manage a logistical process associated with the educational process.

Icono servicio Análisis de resultados de aprendizaje de los participantes Dominio Estudio

Analysis of participants' learning results

Worldwide, there are different approaches on the dimensions to be considered to ensure the quality of education.

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