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Incident Investigation Basic Course - Ecopetrol

The objective of the project. 

Course directed to the operative and administrative personnel of Ecopetrol through which the participants appropriate the general steps of the incident investigation. The course is designed based on the development of a case which is resolved in a series of segments, with clues, steps and incident recognition activities. Using interactive formats, the participant records his observations in a log that allows him to ensure the follow-up of the case. 

Technical solution implemented at a high level. 

Our services contribute to the company operating with sustainable standards, which guarantee the lives of people, environmental care and community development. From 2015 until today Dominio Estudio has worked as a partner of the Corporate university, developing more than 30 virtual courses, aimed at operational and administrative workers of the company. 

  • Curriculum design 
  • Content creation 
  • Pedagogical design 
  • UX/UI 
  • Design guide outlining interactions for key screens 
  • Illustration and animation 
  • Front-end development, HTML5 and SVG technologies 
  • Packaging in Scorm and publishing on the platform 

Impact of the implemented solution 

Incident investigation course allows to analyze trends and prevent the occurrence of incidents; incident management also prevents incidents from recurring in the enterprise. 

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