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Dominio Estudio is your strategic partner to accelerate the development of educational content management solutions. Through agile, scalable, and cost-effective methodologies that meet the needs of millions of people. 

To achieve this, Dominio Estudio is an expert in the implementation of Moodle-based solutions. We have a team of pedagogues, graphic interface designers, and senior developers specialized in implementing and developing world-class, customized, and robust projects, according to the needs of our clients. 

We have technological allies that guarantee the optimal deployment and operation of educational content, through optimized architectures with high computing capacity, world-class infrastructure, and advanced application support services. 

  • It is the most widely used open-source eLearning platform in the world and does not generate license fees. 
  • Designed to support both teaching and learning under the pedagogical model of social constructivist. This model is characterized, in the first instance, by the interaction of the participant with diverse pedagogical resources, since from them and his previous knowledge, he constructs the new knowledge. In the second instance, the participant learns from reinterpreting with his own words and creating new pedagogical resources that represents his version of what he is learning; finally, the participant learns from the interaction and collaboration with other participants. 
  • Easy to use, the user interface is customizable and with a few clicks can be configured according to project requirements.  
  • It is always up to date; the source code is constantly being updated by the worldwide community of developers. 
  • It is a platform that promotes flexible learning, it allows to configure: 

              - Learning pathways. 

              - Courses that cater to different learning styles.

              - Collaborative activities such as workshops, forums, wikis, chats and blogs.

  • It is a platform that promotes multimodal learning, allows you to publish: 

             - Interactive multimedia presentations,

             - Webinars,

             - Cases estudies,

             - Podcast,

             - Infographics,

             - Interactive videos,

             - Interactive aassessments,

             - Interactive activities,

             - Reinforcement activities,

             - Documents and much more.

  • Scalable to any size, from a few users to thousands and millions of users. 
  • Robust, secure and private. 
  • Available anytime, anywhere, from any device. 
  • Extensive documentation and support from a global developer community.


Our services Moodle

Icono servicio Instalación y configuración Dominio Estudio

Installation and configuration

Instalamos la versión más reciente del LMS Moodle y realizamos los procesos de configuración requeridos por el proyecto.
Icono servicio Personalización Dominio Estudio


Design of the graphic interface based on user experience, as well as accessibility and usability requirements.

Icono servicio Rutas de aprendizaje Dominio Estudio

Learning pathways

Design and configuration of learning rubrics that allow the creation of personalized learning pathways in the Moodle LMS according to four aspects: 

Icono servicio Tutor virtual Dominio Estudio

Virtual tutor

From a knowledge base, automated virtual tutor configuration. 

Icono servicio Soporte y administración de usuarios Dominio Estudio

User support and administration

We offer Service Level Agreements that allow end users, tutors and administrators of the Moodle LMS to obtain constant and effective support. 

Icono servicio Desarrollo de plugins y funcionalidades a la medida Dominio Estudio

Development of plugins and customized functionalities

Constant evaluation of Moodle LMS plugins that allow us to provide solutions to the functional requirements of the platform; improvement and development of new plugins and/or functionalities. 

Icono servicio Certificación de usuarios Dominio Estudio

User certification

Badge configuration, user ranking, automatic certification generation according to the didactic design of the virtual course or learning path.

Icono servicio Entrenamiento a tutores y administradores Domino Estudio

Training for tutors and administrators

Virtual training courses for both tutors and administrators.

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