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Profesora transmitiendo una videoconferencia mientras utiliza OBS Studio

OBS: an option for broadcasting, recording and editing

Live talks and conferences on networks and other digital platforms have had success for events like concerts, shows and cinema projections, when they have been cancelled for avoiding spectator crowds. OBS Studio tools could share multimedia and screencast, for live broadcast or recorded video.

OBS Studio is free, then you do not to worry about buying licence or paying software actualizations. There are some tools offered by OBS that could help you to record or broadcast conferences, concerts or movies until we can meet at cultural and artist places. 

  • Share video, scene by scene: OBS Studio enables to segment a video, then we can organize our material for each video fragment. This allows that you do not record different videos and make easy editing process. 

  • Share multimedia: this program could organize multimedia as video, image and music. Also, you can save different files in just one scene, then you can decide which file to play. 

  • Capturing screen: OBS enables to create screencast video with Capture screen option. This option allows the user to open different files as PowerPoint.

  • Capturing through webcam and mic: OBS enables to add devices as webcam and mic at different scene. 

  • Recording video: you do not have to use other program for recording broadcast from OBS, because it offers you record option. 

  • Live broadcast: for live events at digital platforms like Facebook and YouTube, OBS enables to share user interactions at real time. 

  • Capture Quality: this advantage is not just for screen capture, is for video exported too. So, the user can set material qualities and device’s features for webcam and mic.  

We really hope OBS’s tools can be helpful for you and optimize quality at your live broadcast and recording video. We invite you to follow our networks (Facebook, Twitter) and web page for knowing some tools for live or recorded conferences.

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