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Teacher analysing what video conference software it's the most effective in her class.

Practical tips for effective video conference

The lockdown has become into a challenge for everyone, thinking how being closer to each other in “face to face” activities, as classes, conferences and meetings. ZOOM, Skype, Meet, Teams, Hangout, etc., have been the most popular tools for virtual work-meetings, virtual classes, even for social events between friends and family. 

These virtual meetings have made telecommuting easier for a wide range of jobs, but, it makes the user be present the whole time, a fact really exhausting when there are a lot of meetings for attending in just one day. If you are a teacher, a lecturer or an exhibitor, we have for you some advices that could be helpful for making easier your work and saving time with virtual meeting, just sharing content online 24/7: 

  • Make digital content: this could be a good option if you have to explain the same information to different people at different moments at day or week. Also, this material could be available for who could not be at meetings at real time.

  • Use recording resources for conferences: some video conference software, as previously referred to ones, which record virtual session for who could not attend at meetings in real time.

  • Screencast and live action: Software like OBS Studio, Bandicam and Camtasia, can record and edit screencast videos, showing screen and webcam at the same time. These options are possible for real meeting or for digital content. 

In future post, we will show some optional tools which could help you to optimize and increase quality of your video conferences at week, with three ideas: planning, creativity and optimizing our time. 

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