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Profesor interactuando con los estudiantes en una clase virtual

In times of the coronavirus, online education is an ingredient of resilience

As the spread of COVID-19 continues, humanity seeks ways to reduce its impact on the spheres of life. Education is one of those areas that is undergoing a sudden interruption.

According to UNESCO, 290 million students are undergoing a disruption in their educational process because of COVID-19.  In Colombia, there are 11,532,903 students affected: 4,303,803 in primary or basic education, 4,821,029 in middle or secondary education and 2,408,041 for higher education.

The shift from face-to-face to virtual education experienced by millions of institutions, teachers, students and families around the world is an opportunity to appropriate and learn the technological innovations in education that have expanded rapidly in the last two decades. 

However, virtual education has been received by some educators with a degree of scepticism due to factors of connectivity, technology, and infrastructure of schools and universities, as well as sufficient technology at home and the level of digital literacy of students and parents.

Despite this, the current crisis has led to different benefits: 

  • Teachers increase their confidence in educational technologies and e-platforms.
  • Students strengthen their digital skills, and parents or family members are directly involved in the learning process.
  • Despite the digital gap in Colombia and worldwide, it is an opportunity to reconsider virtual education to generate strategies to reduce knowledge inequity and increase learning possibilities.

Besides, you can learn more about resources to give continuity to the learning process. In Colombia, we can access the Colombiaaprende platform (designed to support and continue the learning process) or tune in to the 3,2,1 Edu - Acción program to access educational content aimed at children and youth.

Continue exploring different resources and platforms used by families and educators worldwide: Firefly, Edmodo, Padlet, Flipgrid y Century.

We invite you to visit our website to make Dominio Estudio your best partner to learn more about virtual education.

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